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Copenhagen Beer Festival 2019

Det sker i København Lørdag 20 April 2019 kl. 12:00

Hvor: KPH, Enghavevej 80, 2450 København
Kategori: Mad & Drikke
Dato: Lørdag 20 April 2019 kl. 12:00
Responsive image Saturday the 20th of April 2019, we will open the doors for Copenhagen Beer Festival 2019 In KPH's Volume's beautiful and cozy surroundings on Vesterbro right in the heart of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Beer Festival 2019 is a Beer Festival where you can buy and enjoy new and exciting beers as well as trends within the endless beer universe.



(only invited breweries)

• To Øl (DK)
• Beavertown Brewery (UK)
• Rewort Brewery (RU)
• Uiltje Brewing Company (NL)
• Browar Golem (PL)
• La Débauche (FR)
• Flying Couch Brewing (DK)
• Fourpure Brewing Co. (UK)
• Dry & Bitter Brewing Company (DK)
• German Kraft Beer (UK)
• Selfmade Brewery (RU)
• Frederiksberg Bryghus (DK)
• Browar Widawa (PL)
• South Plains Brewing Company (SE)
• BrewDog (UK)
• Bryghuset Winther & Bargholz (DK)
• The Eastern Craft (DK, Eastern Import)
• Munkebo Brewery (DK)
• Røde Port (DK)
• (DK)
• Coolship Brewing Company (DK)
• Herslev Bryghus (DK)
• Musicon Mikrobryggeri (DK)
• Ninkasira (DK, Polish Import)
• BenzoBrew(DK)
• Spybrew (DK)
• African Beer (DK, African Import)
• Hornbeer (DK)
*Flere på vej.

Hungry Dane - Gourmetburgers! Awarded Number 1 Burger in Copenhagen 2018!! "The meat we prepare is sous-vide confit, which means that the meat is allowed to simmer in its own juice for ten hours and afterwards it will be mixed with our special spice mixture and finally confused in the duckfat! The result will be an incredibly juicy, rich and tasteful burger!"

Crazy-Chips - Look forward to when Marius & Alexandra, the stuntman and the business woman come and serve the best fish'n'chips we have tasted!! The fish is freshly caught and MSC certified and turned in DELICIOUS BEER-DOUGH AND VODKA and it can be tasted! We will bring the cool couple, so you can smell and judge when Crazy Chips serves fish, fries and homemade tatarsovs!!

*there are more on the way.

• Saturday the 20th of April 2019
• Starts: 12.00 Ends: 20.00
• Place: in KPH's beautiful and cozy surroundings on VESTERBRO right in the heart of COPENHAGEN.
• Address: VESTERBRO, Enghavevej 80, 2450 Copenhagen.

• 100 DKK and 65 DKK in PRESALE.
• Payable with all kinds of cards and Mobilepay.
• No cash is received in the door.

Aarhus Øl-Marked 2019 - Billet 65 kr. Et begrænset antal.
Odense Øl-Marked 2019 - Billet 65 kr. Et begrænset antal.
Aarhus Oktoberfest 2019

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