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Improv Comedy Night

Det sker i København Søndag 02 August 2020 kl. 20:00

Hvor: Bar 50, DanHostel, H C Andersen 50, 1553 Copenhagen
Kategori: Show & Event
Dato: Søndag 02 August 2020 kl. 20:00
Responsive image Unintended Compliments is back in town!

Come to Danhostel Copenhagen City, BAR50 for a night full of comedy and drinks.

What is Improv comedy?

Improv (short for improvisation) is a theatre format in which a team of improvisers makes a scene(s) based solely on suggestions given by the audience. That's you! All of the dialogue is said for the first time, the characters are created as you watch, and if ever you're wondering where the story is are they!
It's Interactive, it's fun and it's never the same.

Who is performing?

Unintended Compliments is an improv team that started in 2017 by a bunch of Copenhagen expats with a shared passion for Improv comedy. We are from all over the world and a live example of how comedy crosses all kinds of barriers.