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Dette Event er Afviklet og overstået


Det sker i København Lørdag 04 Juli 2020 kl. 20:00

Hvor: Krudttønden,Serridslevvej 2 2100 København Ø Danmark
Kategori: Show & Event
Dato: Lørdag 04 Juli 2020 kl. 20:00
Responsive image An evening full of comedy improv jam! Improv is theatre performed live on stage. The story, characters and dialogue are made up on the spot.

An open stage, where local improvisers perform side by side in an organised improv jam, in English. Improv is a form of theatre performed live on stage, in which the story, characters and dialogue are made up on the spot. Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience to use as source of inspiration to get started. Improv is unique, because it's different every time. And above all, Improv is spontaneous, entertaining, and fun. But like all great things, you’ll have to see it first hand to fully experience and appreciate it.

One night when improvisers come together: fail together and learn through the process. WE provide the format, YOU bring your Yes And attitude.

A little bit about us: We are Unintended Compliments Our team is made up of dynamic, experienced, part-time lunatics. We like playing, experimenting and pushing boundaries and we organise welcoming events for our welcoming improv community! Our talents don’t stop at infecting our Tuesday-class students with the improv bug, we also love performing comedy improv on stage, any stage, anywhere in the world.

Unintended Compliments

NB: If you are feeling unwell please follow guidelines and do not attend the event. But please don't forget to refund your space so that others may be able to attend. There are very limited tickets due to government regulations.